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Here you can get to know us a bit better


We take our work seriously, but we also have loads of fun while doing it. So we love to laugh, make friends, taste new things, breathe fresh air, relax and unwind. After visiting, Madeira will always have a special place in your heart!


“Don’t follow the crowd! Have the courage to make your own path!”

That’s one of our strongest beliefs. Apart from the must-visit Places in Madeira, we will always take you off the beaten tracks, giving you a local taste of our home land!


Living in a small island gives you a very keen sense towards the importance of sustainability. So, we are very happy to give back too, that is why we are envolved in all the support local culture and traditions, as much as we can.


We are a small company, and we want to keep it that way so able to give the best personalized service we can.to show you Madeira Island as a friend. Since 2011 being original and inovative, and even with all the copycats, keep on doing it – choose the original 😉

A bit of our history - U.M.M.

U.M.M. is both the abbreviation for Up Mountain Madeira, we are different, and so are our rare Portuguese open-top army style 4×4 machines, perfect for the offroad trails in Madeira, for a real Safari style experience!

Best value tours for you and your familly

Doing a tour with a small group is very different from getting stuck behind 20 + people – Thats why our regular groups have a maximum of 8. Travel Smart, and chosse a small local company over the big tourism companies that treat you as just one more number! Our project started in 2011 exactly with the purpose to give you an alternative to those! Broke our hearth seeing the many people who visited our paradise, taking SOULLESS tours, eating UNFLAVORED food, and drinking fake artificial drinks.. only a number between all the others $$ packed in huge crowds, ending up in the tourist traffic jams of jeeps and buses.



Wether you’re taking a jeep tour with us, a walking tour or a food and drink tour, or any other activity we always try our best to show you as much as we can. We’ll take you to the hidden local places and give you the true madeiran experience.

Are you organizing a group trip to Madeira?

Even though our regular groups are small, we are able to accommodate closed groups with any size and duration, provide full service and activities itinerary during your group’s stay.

If you are organizing a group trip to Madeira and need the local expertise, you can count on us to set-up the best experiences and activities.

Contact us for more info.


litres of Poncha were needed to design this website
Years of History, since the first settlers arrived to Madeira!
Years of existence, since 2011 and counting!
is just a random number to look important!


… and we want you to love it like we do. and we want to make you love it also, That’s why we want to tour with you it to you as a friend, with No Crowds – away from the “touristy” packs and car convoys, and huge groups No Rush – we have plenty of time..(anyway we are surrounded by water..so why rush? )

We are a small company established in 2011, composed by a young team of friends that want to show you our paradise. Our tours are always done by a local certified guide, choosing the best routes to be merrymaking, all done in a very calm, safe and relaxed way. If you think this is what you need and you definitely don’t want to do the boring stuff on the 2.376.542,72 millions of tourist guide books, get off the sofa and Let’s GO!


  • U.M.M as been nº1 TripAdvisor, receiving a certificate of excellence from 2012 to 2018. (almost all the other companies listed here were there before UMM even existed)
  • Our tours actually cost on average less than many of the big companies. Even on the hikes who can be a couple euros more, we assure that our groups will never exceed the 8 walkers (instead of the 20/30 pax some of the cheaper companies do) and that once we confirm a walk, it means that we will walk, never cancelling last minute because just we didn't reach a number!
  • WE are a very small company, with a very small team and fleet, 8 years after starting UMM maintains (and will continue) always a sustainable activity, working with very small groups, believing that its the way to give all our hearth and attention to what we do!
  • Booking with us is Supporting a Local small Business and small team, means we have a limited number of places, but we are flexible and always try to work out the best solution to take you all with us, as we book by order of arrival of the full confirmations
  • Our UMM's are hard rare Portuguese built army jeeps, because we also take some rough paths to show you the best of our island, (No inclosed airconditioned cars.. on the mountain its time to blow the wind on our face, that's why all our jeeps are OPEN (but we have a cover "just in case"hihi, as we believe that to be indoors we have our sofa..in our living room.. back home, don't you think? )
  • with a very small percentage of travellers travelling with us, comparing to many other big companies existing, we have been making every day new friends, who then spend personal time, writing back leaving feedback, that way keeping ourselves on business, doing what we love the most, Thank you!
  • Ah yes, U.M.M the sigla from our Up Moutain Madeira name is also the brand or our PORTUGUESE army jeeps UMM


Well, We can give you some reasons why to use a small local business over a big tour company:

​1. Local Character and Prosperity
In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an advantage.

2. Community Well-Being
Small owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining energies contributing to local causes and businesses.

3. Flexible Decision-Making
When decisions are made by people who live in the Area and can better advise change something, its a lot easier to do in a small group

4. Job and Wages
Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and share the money trough the people who need. Local Business

5. Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship, innovation and prosperity, a key for people to be able to do what we love for a Job!

6. Environmental Sustainability
We need to preserve our biggest treasure, Nature, believing that small informed groups are essential to reducing sprawl and pollution.

7. Competition
Small businesses are the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term. Monopolies are not that good for the customer.

​ If you have read all this, thank you, was written with much love for you!

Thank you so much from our hearth to every friend that had been with us, and recommended us to others, all those who also made a review on TripAdvisor which made us win the certificate of excellence in all our years in years of existence, 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016, 2017 and now in 2018 entering the Hall of Fame!

Miss you all, a big hug full of “Saudade”

from the Up Mountain Madeira Team

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